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Uma and Rose raids my condo part 1

Uma Barum

Got a call from UMA today Not that I’m not used to getting calls and text from him everyday (thanks to SUN Cel). “Where are you?” He said he’s in G4 waiting for his date. I said “You on a date? Since when did you start going out for a date?”, I said.

Not that he is not good looking to go for a date. (He wouldn’t make it to 2004 COSMO 69 bachelors if he wasn’t) I told him it’s so unlike him to date someone… I even teased him saying “Di ba di mo na nga kailangang makipag-date kasi dami mo na ka-MU? Hahahaha!” Later I found out it’s a fake date for a show in GMA7. I think it’s for Extra Extra! Well he said they were suppose to start the shoot in Greenbelt around 9PM but from the way things are going he thinks they wouldn’t start until 11PM and wanna ask a favor. He wants to know if it’s ok for him and his sister to spend the night since they’ll probably finish shooting around 1AM and doesn’t wanna go home all the way to Parañaque City. I haven’t seen his sister for a quite a while so I readily said “Yes!”

RING! RING! “What the f_ck?” I looked at the clock on the side table… 2AM. It’s not that I’m not used to waking up this early. On most occasions I would be up as early as 2 – 3 AM thanks to my job as an agent in a reputable call center here in Eastwood City. “Who could that be?”, I told myself. Half naked and still half asleep I answered the phone. “Hello? Ayan! Uma ‘to andito na kami sa baba… akyat na kami ha!” Shit I forgot they’re coming over. My head still hurts. Anyway I put on a shirt and greeted them at the door.

“Ayan!”, it was Uma’s sister Rose shouting at the top of her lungs. “Rose how are you?”, I said. I really miss this girl and is so glad to see her again plus the fact that she will be leaving soon for Israel in December but she promised that we will go to Cebu for a short vacation first before she leaves.

“I’m hungry!”, Rose said. “I haven’t eaten anything yet since this morning!” I guess it’s alright to have an early breakfast. So with that we went down to Ministop to get a quick food fix. I got a fill of my fave smoked hotdog while Uma just got a bottle of water, Rose got wanton rice and fried chicken. Man this girl can eat.

After eating I told them “O mga anak alis muna si daddy. Papasok lang sa trabaho!”. “What? You have work?”, Uma said. “Yeah. I told you I have work.” “You told me you don’t have work today. Good thing I didn’t go here by myself. You know I’ll die if I sleep here in your condo alone.” I guess I should be partly blamed. I told them about my spooky experience in my condo (I even went out on TV – MGB last year telling my story on national television quite cause some talks among my friends in reference to my place) “Nothing’s gonna happen to you Uma don’t worry plus you have your sister and I’ll be home tomorrow 1PM. I’ll try to check up on you later during my break.” Something tells me he doesn’t want to believe me because he himself experienced it first hand when he stayed at my place before. But that is something worth talking about next time. With that I got ready and left.

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