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>What we take for Granted

>In life we take a lot for granted;
It maybe our family, our friends,
Perhaps even our own lives.

When we sleep at night, pray
For It maybe our last.
What’s been said can bring joy
But it can also bring sorrow.

Watch what you say;
Coz what you say can cause pain
If not now in the future.

Life is short and life is precious;
Make the most out of it.
Always treat this day your last;
Remember what’s done is done.

Our future is now
And now is forever
Always treat people how u want to be treated.

What we take for granted won’t always be there
Treat the people around you with respect
Especially those you care about.
Always remember to smile 🙂

You know how it feels to get hurt
And you know that it sucks!
I know, cause like you I felt it too.

So don’t take people or things for granted
They won’t be there all the time.
Love what you got
and love will be returned.

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