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>Aside from working for a call center I also handle the Marketing / PR department for Talent Unlimited Productions Incorporated. It’s basically a modeling school / events company that me and my friends put up. Everyone’s gearing up for the big event come January 2005. Arnel Timog called me this morning updating me with the status of the negotiations with Metrowalk and some other sponsors. Tomorrow I’m tasked to present my proposal for the different radio and TV stations in Manila for media mileage.

Tomorrow is the start of Lesson 5 which is Introduction to Advanced (modeling). Kuku Trinidad and Carlo Adorador kept on reminding our students last week not to be late because this is the part of the workshop where they will be teaching them the ropes and the tricks in modeling and they should be on time cause they will start on time no matter what plus it’s a way to teach them to be professionals and understand that if they want to be a model they have to be serious about it. Some people think that a model’s life is all fun and all glamour when in fact it’s hard. If you’re a model you have to:

1. Be on time.
2. Look good all day.
3. Be healthy.
4. Have a good attitude / personality.
5. Good communication skills
6. Have the energy to work and be ready 24 / 7

Anyway I’ll keep you guys posted… Gotta go back to work.

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