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>My angst and frustrations…

>Rose and GraceRose and GraceAyan, Rose, and Grace
I’ve been so busy lately that I never get to do things that for me are important… I haven’t seen my family in Valenzuela for almost 3 months now. I wonder how my mom and my dad are doing. I haven’t seen Rose and Grace for quite a while too. I wonder how our house looks like now… I hope my grandma’s ok.

Juggling between meetings and planning for the event on January, organizing the modeling workshop in Ortigas, working for eTelecare International while balancing my personal life is starting to be a problem. Plus there’s my plan of moving my stuff to my new apartment by this week. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! These are the times that I wish I’m just home in Valenzuela with my family. My mom would always know what to do. But I’m not and have no plans of living with them again. Independence has it’s advantages and disadvantages… I just have to live with it.

Grrrrrrr… why do I have to put myself into so much stress? I guess it’s because I’m not used to sitting down doing nothing… I would die of boredom.

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