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***Photos courtesy of Mr. Andy Maluche taken during the Mano Po 3 advance screening day and Government’s New Year Celebration

Happy year of the Rooster everyone!!!


The sign of the Rooster indicates a person who is hard-working and definite about their decisions. Roosters are not afraid to speak their minds and can therefore sometimes come across as boastful. They make good restaurant owners and world travellers.

Horoscope for the Year of the Rooster

Aries in 2005 – Flexibility
If you want a motto for 2005, the best one to adopt would be “go with the flow.” 2005 will be a year of ups and downs, and only the flexible will be able to keep from going crazy! All Aries natives may have to tighten their belts and curb their desire for constant expansion. You may need to play it cool and curb your spending. You’ll be among the first to seize upon new societal trends to create new opportunities for yourself, as your creativity will be at an all-time high. You will be more eloquent and persuasive than usual, and others will identify enthusiastically with your vision. If you want to start a new creative project or business venture, your imagination will be working overtime. 2005 could find you doing well career-wise – and aspiring to climb even higher.

Taurus in 2005 – Tenacity
“Diligence” is the key word for you, Taurus. With hard work and focus, you will attain at least one important aspiration that has been on your agenda for a long time. This is the year you’ll want to take stock of your career and ask yourself if you’re doing the work you want to do for the rest of your life. As the year progresses, the more impressive your ideas and works become. As a result, your finances improve – and your newfound confidence could attract new love into your life. By the end of the year, you will have a whole new network of friends and group activity, stimulating new ideas and taking up your social life a notch or two.

Gemini in 2005 – Success
Your cycle of learning through the school of hard knocks has come to an end, Gemini, and now you’re going to start reaping the rewards these “lessons” have left in their wake. As 2005 progresses, the road ahead will become clearer. You now have it in you to create the kind of life for yourself that you want. These leaps and bounds forward include love and creativity. Your learning of concepts of all kinds combines with extensive group activity, bringing your mind into a whole new space this year. By the end of 2005 you’ll have a whole new start with regard to your career and your earning potential – and a possible new partnership to top it off!

Cancer in 2005 – Balance
Finding a balance between your personal and professional lives may be one of the year’s strongest challenges. For the most part, your outward life this year will go in fits and starts – alternating periods of intense activity with times of welcome rest. Enjoy the restful periods when you can. The active ones will be hectic! You’ll be making radical changes in your work habits, but you’ll be a lot happier for it, and in the end you’ll know it was worth it. Your love life is full, and any dissatisfaction with career and money matters fades into the background. By the end of 2005, you’ll feel more confident, more determined, and far more capable of making the mountains come to you!

Leo in 2005 – Abundance
Pursuing a successful career, along with the usual social and financial advantages, will be easier this year than it has in a long time for you, Leo! The most difficult thing might be deciding which path means the most to you, and where to put your focus. You’ll be able to create opportunities for advancement almost out of thin air. Romance in 2005 will make it a year to remember – and you’ll be the envy of all your friends. Love comes willingly and easily. Money may suddenly become tight at a very inconvenient time. Yet, this is no comparison to the advancements you’ll make overall, and by the end of 2005, you’ll look back in sheer wonder and happiness.

Virgo in 2005 – Perseverance
Your working life might not go so smoothly this year, Virgo. For much of 2005, you’ll be putting your nose to the grindstone. On the bright side, your finances will be pretty stable. Just don’t take it for granted – you still need to be cautious this year. Your love life will thrive for most of the year, and any relationship begun or reaffirmed in 2005 is very likely to be a lasting one. And, you’re going to develop a hopeless romantic streak. In spite of a lot of worry over your career, by the year’s end, you’ll see that 2005 has filled your life with prosperity and accomplishments.

Libra in 2005 – Expansion
Flex your muscles, friend Libra, and prepare for a relatively easy ride. With beneficent Jupiter in your sign, this is definitely your year, especially where your social life is concerned. Happiness and enjoyment lie ahead. If you’re not presently married, and want to be, you just might wed by the end of the year. This is the year you’re going to be doing a lot of travel and learning about your world, as expansion is the theme. The one department of life that may not quite be as hopeful as you’d like could be your career, where advancement may be slow and satisfaction rare. By year’s end, you may find yourself seriously considering a major change – all for the best.

Scorpio in 2005 – Transmutation
Scorpio, you can still expect changes – perhaps major ones – in your life this year, almost to the point of total transformation. While this is most apparent in the area of your career, you’ll see it showing up in other important aspects of your life. Your life might take on an entirely new direction you’ve never dreamed of. You may also change your residence during the year. Whether you start the year as a single person looking for a partner, or you’ve been married for many years, happiness in love does lie ahead. Be prepared for new horizons. They may not be familiar, but they will be fascinating. Don’t cling to the banks; instead, flow with the tide in 2005.

Sagittarius in 2005 – Empowerment
Are you prepared to handle absolute power? If not, you will be soon! Your ruling planet, Jupiter, will be in a special relationship with Pluto – called “mutual reception” – in 2005. There’s so much punch packed into this combination that it’s almost scary. You’ll find the ultimate power is the ability to choose your own destiny. You’ll find practical ways of increasing your effectiveness in the world by gaining new skills that allow you to live more abundantly. By the second half of the year, you will finally feel welcome relief from the tight financial binds that have hindered you over the past two years. And, a relationship you begin now will last a very long time – like, for the rest of your life. Overall, 2005 is sure to be a year you won’t forget.

Capricorn in 2005 – Resolution
You’ve got plenty of lucky breaks headed your way in 2005, friend Capricorn. The long awaited relief you’ve needed in your love life is around the corner, and by the end of the year you will feel much clearer about your partnerships in general. Financially, it could be a lean year, although some advance planning can help you weather the storm. Your career opportunities will expand exponentially, and you’re likely to change jobs or positions this year. At times, the pressure on your job and home life may seem unbearable, but rest assured you will come through this stronger – and wiser – than ever, as more is revealed and resolved in 2005.

Aquarius in 2005 – Magic
2005 sees you expanding your intuitive and psychic skills even more, Aquarius. The mysteries of the universe continue to attract and intrigue you, as you apply your mystical awareness to the important decisions upcoming in your life, especially concerning partnerships of all kinds. 2005 is bound to bring at least one major success in the love department, and your career will be brimming with new enthusiasm and innovation. Not only that, but travel, adventure, and personal expansion infuse fresh energy into all areas of your life. By year’s end, your creative decision-making will have carried you to whole new peaks – and a whole new view from above.

Pisces in 2005 – Self-confidence
It’s a big year for you, friend Pisces. No doubt, in 2005 you’ll find yourself pushed more and more out into the world. You’ll experience a new sense of purpose and make plenty of new friends. Expect lots of surprises and lucky breaks this year, with Uranus bringing the unexpected in your career, your love life, and the world in general. At some point during the year, you could pick up a financial windfall, hear of a great career opportunity, or unexpectedly meet the love of your life. It’s important that you take retreats and plenty of time for yourself to regenerate, as the rate of change in your personal and professional life will be fast and unpredictable. Remain calm and confident, and love is very likely to flourish in 2005. “Expect the unexpected,” and enjoy the ride!

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