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Gateway mall… Araneta’s answer to Ayala Center

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Had an opportunity to go to Gateway Mall yesterday everning in CUBAO. Yes you heard it right I went to Cubao a.k.a. Araneta Center. If you are not familiar where it is try riding the MRT and get off at Araneta Center station after GMA 7 if you’re coming from the north. If you’re still not familiar where it is, just ask a basketball fanatic where the PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) usually hold their games and they would tell you where Araneta Center is.

I really don’t go to Araneta Center or at least hang around the area because there’s really nothing to do there plus the area is infamous for it’s high record of holdup cases.

Araneta Center seems different last night though. The place seems to be cleaner from the last time I was there. I also noticed alot of security people around the area and there was Gateway Mall trying to blend in with the old buildings in the area.

Gateway is definitely a breath of fresh air to this place. Although 40% of the stores aren’t open yet the mall is very promising. Definitely worth checking out.

After Araneta we decided to check out StarCity and had so much fun riding those rides we got so used to when we were younger… (posted some of the pics from both Gateway and StarCity)

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