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Modeling A-Z part 3

World’s top 5 male models – Cosmopolitan USA

Bruce BrenonJohn Passavant
Damon WillisKahari MaysJeremy Black

Bruce Brenon
What’s been your most embarrassing moment on the job?
At my first fashion show, the girls working backstage gave me underwear to put on. I was like: “Where’s the changing room?” But there wasn’t one. I had to get naked right in front of them.

John Passavant
What would you be doing now if you weren’t a model?
I’d probably be in the armed forces. I think it’s very honorable and would have no problem fighting if I had to.

Damon Willis
Did you ever go through an ugly stage?
I was short and chubby until I was 14. Then I suddenly got tall. At 17, people started telling me I should model.

Kahari Mays
Do women hit on you a lot?
I usually meet women through mutual friends. I don’t date models. They’re so used to being hit on, I can’t act normal around them — but then maybe I’m just scared of rejection.

Jeremy Black
Tell us about your most recent shoot.
I did a TV commercial for Speed Stick deodorant. I had to shave part of my armpits. My lines were: “How does lightning smell? Smell this. Cool.”

Funny Facts about Male Models – Cosmopolitan USA

Here, 12 intriguing, embarrassing and beyond hilarious tidbits about male models:

1. The average height of a advertisement male model is 6 feet. Anything under 5 feet 11 is considered too short, and if he’s over 6 feet 2, he’s too tall. They weigh in at between 165 and 175 pounds.

2. On the day of a shoot, many models don’t eat in order to prevent their tummies from protruding. Plus, they often experiment with dieting fads — be it high carbs and no fat, high protein and no carbs or some other variation of extreme eating.

3. Right before a shoot, the guys will hit the ground and do a few vigorous sets of push-ups so their arms look especially pumped up in the photos.

4. The furry fellas get rid of their body hair, including any excess pubic hair (so it doesn’t peek out above their briefs). Overheard at more than one shoot: “Dude, shaving is way better than waxing ’cause you don’t get ingrowns.”

5. Few male models take steroids, but many are into muscle-enhancing supplements like creatine.

6. Male models’ incomes vary wildly — from $50,000 to $650,000 per year. In general, a top male model makes half as much money as a top female model does.

7. Some guys have fragile egos. If a group of models is being photographed and only some have their shirts off, the ones with shirts on take it as an insult, assuming the stylist has left their bodies covered up because they’re not as buff as the other guys.

8. One stylist remembers a model who became so excited while kissing a female model for the camera that he got a noticeable erection and had to ask for a moment to compose himself.

9. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a penis problem to, uh, arise on set. An art director recalls: “We were shooting a guy in boxer briefs. His penis was so long, it was distracting. I asked him to tuck it in a little. But when he reemerged from the dressing room, he had a prominent erection. He thought I had told him it wasn’t big enough!”

10. There’s definitely heat on the set. Often, a male and female will get so “close” in front of the camera, they’ll actually leave the shoot together, reports a stylist.

11. Like most men, models lie about their height. “If he says he’s 6 feet 2, he’s probably 6 feet,” explains an art director.

12. And do they really rely on a signature facial expression, similar to Derek Zoolander’s rehearsed mug, the Blue Steel? Recently, top model Tyson Beckford confessed that he did. “I guess you could call it the Sunset,” he said. “When I look very seriously into the distance.” However, the models we talked to maintain that, unlike Zoolander, they don’t … and they never practice their faces in the mirror.

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