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>Happy Birthday Peter!

Peter Metzinger
Peter Metzinger

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So the media presentation of the contestants for the Eastwood Valentine’s day dating game was over, what now? Was wondering what to do after when I got a text from my friend Aiza Marquez asking me if I wanna go to Greenhills to watch a concert of his friend, Gian of 1728. So by 11 my friend Nick Lalwani and I were on our way to Greenhills after we talking with his two friends in Pearl Drive Ortigas. By 11:10 we were already at the parking lot of Greenhills. (It really amazes me how fast this guy drives…) So we met up with my friend Aiza and watched the show while checking out the cools stuff that was being sold in the night market. Found this really cute item (will post a picture promise) that resembles a test tube with a penis shape object inside that squirts out water when you place it in your hand — cool trick i thought.

After the show Aiza and his friend left for SM Mega Mall for another gig. Then I got a call from my dear friend Peter Metzinger who’s celebrating his birthday (Feb 10) at Pasha in Greenbelt 3 with his good friend Vina Morales. Nick dropped me off at Greenbelt and joined the group. I met really cool people last night especially Tanya and Noel who’s a very good friend of Peter and PJ who’s from Toronton Canada who’s just here for a vacation. Also there was Sheng who’s working for Infonxx who in my opinion should try modeling because she is so damn hot!!! Tanya who’s managing this turkish restaurant was so busy making sure we’re all ok… too busy to the point that we had to remind her that she’s not working that night and that she’s out to have fun.

After dinner we then went to EMBASSY at The Fort and danced like that was no tomorrow at the VIP room. Familiar faces like Robbie Carmona, Tim Yap, Rich Herrera, Phoemela Beranda among others were there that night partying the night away. When it was 3:30 AM we decided to head to Government and continue the party there. By 5:00 AM we left and decided to check in Sommerset Hotel along Makati Ave. to continue our chat.

Tanya never fails to amaze me with her good sense of humor. She kept on making us laugh the whole night… or should I say morning. Woke up and found myself hurrying to get ready to work. Forgot I have training today at our Makati office… Waaaaah!

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