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>AYAN and it’s numerous meanings…

>Ayan means so many things in different languages and I never knew it until now…

The path through which the sun travels in the daytime is called Ayan

In Tamil: Ayan is the name of Brahma, the Creator. It also mean Shepherd

Ayan is also a form of African drumming

Ayan in Turkish, means “obviously” or “clearly”

Ayan [Urdu/Persian.] with the last ‘n’ not pronounced fully… but half i.e. nasal tone sound..)… means something that is open and clear /something like : “something vividly clear on the face of it” or prima-facie.

In Somalia Ayan means “the lucky one”. However in Somali Ayan is the female form of the name, and Ayanle is the male form.

Do you know any other meaning? Please let me know.

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