>My Dilemma

>I’ve noticed lately that I’ve been getting different comments from friends who I haven’t seen me for a while regarding my weight…

Well I was very fat before until I noticed I was losing weight back in my college years when I moved out of my parent’s place to live on my own… I guess the pressure of my studies have good benefits after all. Hehehe! Anyway it didn’t stop there after getting a job I went to the gym and started losing extra pounds so I guess during that time around 2002 I was really proud of myself for losing too much weight but late last year when I stopped working out due to a number of reasons like work, rakets, parties, busy sched, tinatamad attitude I started to gain a few pounds back. Well happy to tell you guys I started going back to the gym again ready to continue the fight to get in shape.

But since I stopped going to the gym I now get different comments from my friends? Some would say I lost weight and some would say I gained a few here and there… Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! I’m so confused now but I guess the best thing to do is to continue working out… Anyway if you guys have any tips on how to get that nice set of abs I need your help… desperately. Anyway I love my friends… they serve as my mirror and I value their comments and suggestions to help improve myself. Speaking of friends I was in Tia Maria’s yesterday with my new found friends from Ateneo Pow Zantillan, Steph, Jo, Ana, Angel and Boom with his gang from CSB and John Lozano from UP who dropped by to say hi. I really felt like I was back in my college days hanging out with college barkada and it felt really good. Hope to see you guys again… By the way thanks to Boom for saying I lost 10 lbs easy from the last time he saw me at Fitness First Eastwood or I guess it’s because he’s just drunk… Peace bro! 🙂

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