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>Pa-coño effect…

>Don’t you just hate it when you go to bars / clubs and get to hear people trying hard to converse in english just to be regarded as someone who is “coño” or “sosyal”.

Overheard in fuckin’ coño places with fuckin’ pa-coño people:

Employee1 : Yeah,its really good there.but its like a market,and you choose fresh fishes.
Employee2 : Really?its like palengke?
E1 : yeah,its like palengke
E2 : Is dirty the place?
(huh,ano daw?)
Girl : I hate him! He really makes me init ulo!!!!
(duh….!!!! Whatever!!!)

Boy : Its not working? Why don’t you make pindot pindot here? (referring to a faulty computer)

E1 :Gosh!grabe naman this emails you send me!its really gross!its really kadiri!!!
(and this is a GUY talking!)

E1 : You wanna come with me to glorietta for lunch?
E2 : Kasya ba tyo sa kotse mo?
E1 : Small nga lang my car eh!!!
(wow…sana naman you make ayos your language man….)

G1 : Come on!lets buy nah….
G2 : Ok basta you make me pila!
G1 : Ok ill make you pila basta you make me bili ha.
(dumb …..)

Moral lesson: Try to be yourself… if you do need to converse in English please make sure not to mix filipino and english in one sentence cause it doesn’t sound good. Better yet why not try speaking in Filipino? If you have nothing good or interesting to say just keep quiet. No one wants a social climber.

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