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Following the phenomenal success of its first telefantasya Mulawin, which soared to incredible heights in popularity and viewership ratings throughout its two-season run, GMA-7 offers another fantasy series that will surely delight Filipinos of all ages. Flying to every Filipino home starting April 4 is no other than the original Pinay superhero DARNA!

Created by Mars Ravelo more than five decades ago and presently serialized in Mango Comics, Darna remains to be the most popular and most revered Filipino super hero who, more than being a household name, has become a Pinoy icon of extraordinary strength and principle for all ages. This remarkable character has crossed over generations and multi-media (from comic books to movies and the Internet, to television now) and remains to be the most desired role to be portrayed by the country’s premier actresses.

Donning the famous two-piece outfit and crown of valor in GMA-7’s presentation of the modern-day Darna is Angel Locsin, who is indisputably one of this generation’s most sought-after young actresses. After spreading her wings and conquering the sky as Alwina in the recently concluded telefantasya Mulawin, Locsin flies anew as Darna bestowed this time with super-human strengths and soaring past the heavens to the universe beyond. Locsin also plays Darna’s pure-hearted alter-ego Narda, a teenage market vendor who keeps the precious white stone of Planet Marte.

Equally overwhelming as Darna’s superpowers is the primetime fantasy series’ powerhouse cast. Joining Angel Locsin in Darna are Ms. Celia Rodriguez, who plays the Queen of Darkness Braguda; Eddie Garcia as the Insect King Mambabarang; Christopher De Leon as the evil surgeon Dr. Zombie; Carmina Villaroel as the disastrously fiery Sulfura; Cristine Reyes as the formidable Molecula; and Alessandra de Rossi as the snakewoman Valentina, Darna/Narda’s mortal enemy who is also a super model. Appearing in special roles are Lorna Telentino as Adran (leader of the Adranika race in Planet Marte) and Lani Mercado as Narda’s kind-hearted mother. Tonton Gutierrez plays the role of Narda’s loving and hard-working father while Dennis Trillo is Efren, Narda’s childhood sweetheart.

Completing Darna’s stellar cast are Maureen Larrazabal, Caridad Sanchez, Karen Delos Reyes, Wendell Ramos, Jacque Estevez, Ella Guevara, Jeremy Marquez, Ms. Gina Pareño, CJ Muere, Ryza Cenon, and Francis Magindayao. The young Narda is played by Rasha Mae Manantan.

Directed by Eric Quizon and Dominic Zapata, Darna premieres on April 4 (Monday) and airs weeknights on GMA-7’s Telebabad Block.

Source: http://www.marsravelodarna.com

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