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>My Galera Trip


As promised, here are some of the pictures from my latest trip to Puerto Galera last March 31. This would be the first time I’ll be going out of town with my new team.

I pretty much have an idea what to expect when we get there since I’ve been to Galera once before. I know that the trip would be long and I plan to sleep the whole trip to Batangas Pier where we would get a ferry ride to Puerto Galera.

Here are some pics from the trip hope you like them…

Waiting at the pier

Waiting at the Batangas Pier
Waited at the pier for an hour or so after we arrived in Batangas because one of our friend unfortunately lost his wallet and we had to wait and see if he could still recover it. On the brighter side, at least we had tons of time taking pictures courtesy of our friend Paolo Zalameda who brought his really nice digi cam.

House in Galera

The house at Galera
This is where we stayed at in Puerto Galera… we got it for a fraction of the cost you would normally spend in Boracay or Palawan… Pretty cozy too and close to the beach.

Enjoying the beach

Enjoying the beach
Here’s where I got my tan… Had too much mindoro sling the night before… Think I’m too sleepy and is having a big hangover from last night.


Picture taken by my friend Paolo Zalameda
Thanks Pao!


Yet another pic
Eto pa!

The famous Cave

A cave from a distance…
The famous cave at the far end of White Beach, Puerto Galera


Time to get wet!
Had so much fun snorkling in Puerto… definitely one of the highlights of this trip.

Beach body

Our friend and tour guide Robert
Thanks to our friend Robert for showing us around Galera. By the way if you are going to Galera and need a place to stay at you can get in touch with Robert and he’ll book you a room… just message him at 09189451672 just tell him you saw this ad from my website and he’ll probably give you a discount.

Galera Sunset

The sunset in Puerto Galera
One of the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen.

Sunset at Galera

Heading home and remembering the fun…
We’ll definitely be back…

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