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Originally uploaded by AyanD.

I want you to meet my new baby Naomi… She’s less than 2 months old and her hair is just starting to grow.

By the way here’s a short history about the breed…

Shih Tze Kou, Shitzu, Shih tzu dog or Shi tzu belongs to a breed which has it’s origin in Asia. Asian breeds always have mystic origins, inherited with legends, which we can guess more then be able to establish facts.

There used to exist some primitive type of a shepherd dog in the Tibet Mountains. It was resistant to severe living conditions and environment, had a long, double-layer hair and a tail he carried on his back. This specific shape-form of dog has a very significant role to a great number of today’s breeds.

In time, other, different types start to originate from this dog. On one side was created a “long-legged” type, which later became a Tibetan mastiff. On the other side, a “short-legged” type, with a long thick hair was developing. This form of dog represents the forerunner of long-haired breeds like Shih Tzu.

When Buddhism arrived to Tibet, at 700 bc, these dogs were named ” The Lion Dogs”. The original name of these dogs is “Shih-Tze-kou”. In this compound word Shi-Tze or Shi-Tzu is a word for a Lion and a word Kou means Dog. That’s where the expression “The Lion Dog” comes from.

They were raised and cherished at the castles and at the court. Golden-haired dogs were especially highly rated. It was noted that Buddha never went anywhere without a Shih Tzu as a companion.

The origins of Shi-Tzu are quite unclear and hardly explainable. This is confirmed by certain notes where it has been written that there were dogs on Tibet in 7th century who lived in Strong Tsan Gamp epoch and are forerunners of Shih-Tzu. Besides this form of dog, for the genesis of Shih-Tzu, certain significance and importance had a lion-shaped animal with short legs.

These dogs became stylish (modern or came to fashion) during Shing Dynasty reign (1643-1912). There are certain beliefs that during the T’ang dynasty reign a Maltese appeared in China and it could have been used in creating a Shih-Tzu.

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