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I was so busy with work today that I actually forgot that my aunt from Germany is coming home with her two kids. I completely lost track of time. If my mom didn’t text me to say that they’re already on the way to the airport to pick my aunt I wouldn’t have an idea they’re coming today. Anyway I was supposed to go home straight from work but my friend Dindin called me up on my mobile telling me she’s back in the Philippines from Singapore… well so much for going straight home… I went to Gateway instead to meet her and Ryan. After talking for a few hours we all decided to go home.

When I got home I don’t really know what to expect… I saw two cars parked outside the house one is familiar, that’s my uncle’s the other one I really don’t have an idea. When I went in I saw my dad having a drink with a guy who turned out to be my one of my cousin’s husband whom I haven’t seen for so long. Anyway I saw my aunt inside and I even heard her say who’s that is that my nephew? Anyway I said hi but let her do her thing because she was so busy giving away perfumes, clothes, bags etc… (You know the usual Filipino tradition of “PASALUBONG”)

I went straight to my room and saw these two cute boys who turned out to be my cousins Angelo and Christoph. I didn’t know they were already this big. Well I only get to see them in pictures but now they’re infront of me… One problem though… they don’t speak English nor Tagalog but only German. After trying everything I gave up and then I asked them to have a game of Tekken and Need for Speed and it’s all ok.

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