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>Pinoy Big Brother Season 2


Pinoy Big Brother, the show that features ordinary people and where my bestfriend Uma started his showbiz career, is in it’s 2nd season.

The Big Brother house opened it’s doors to it’s new boarders… last Sunday I got the chance to watched the grand opening of the show and I must say that this time it’s bigger but I still like the first season… well we’ll see how this goes.

Btw to ABSCBN the Celeb and the Teens editions really sucks! I suggest you stick with the original idea of Big Brother (I even watched the DVD since I wasn’t here when it aired). I might still be interested in your celebrity edition but do be choosy with the celebs but please scratch the teens editions cause it really sucks! I didn’t even dare watch it although I was already back in the Philippines when it aired.

Here are the new housemates for this season…

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