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>Am I Single?

>***To those asking if IM SINGLE or TAKEN***

If you’re reading this then you are probably one of those who’s asking if I’m single or not. Some may be able to understand my situation and some might not. I’m just sharing this to answer those people who are asking me the “Are you with?” question.
Am I single?

YES, I am single and at the same time married to myself loyally!(NOW)
It’s been two years since my last relationship… Don’t get me wrong I enjoy having a special person right next to me.

At my age (I’m turning 27 this year) I’ve only had two relationships one for 3 years and the last was for almost a year.

We all know how it goes… it starts with the “Hi I’m… what’s your name?”… a smile… an electrifying skin contact for a fraction of a second… then comes the exchanging of contact numbers… an invitation for coffee, a drink or two, a dinner, a movie or whatever would be convenient for the both of you then followed by a cab ride followed by this awkward and antagonizing silence… Then the question “Can we see each other exclusively?” or “Will I still see you again?” Then silence… you then starting thinking of the what ifs and your mind starts playing tricks on you thinking of the possibilities of you and this person living happily ever after like those fairy tales we’ve all dreamt of. Reality bites!!! You say YES or NO depending if you had a great time with your date. Man has come to evolve into this complex creature but the desire to be with our perfect match is as primitive as it was in those days. Nonetheless we still hope to find that someone who would always be there for us (although we all know everything has an end). I’m not looking for the perfect partner but someone who complements me in most ways possible… someone that can I can lean on in times of need… someone who would be there when I need support… someone who will accept me as who I am and would understand me when everyone doesn’t. Now you see the picture?

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