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Dell goes to Club Manila East

My Team at Mall of Asia

Welcome to Club Manila East



The girls

Group Pic

With Jack

Summer’s almost over but before we welcome in the rainy season Dell Philippines had it’s summer outing at the Club Manila East located in Taytay Rizal. The whole company (well mostly from ABU Cust Care Dept together with CTS Tech Support Department) went to the event. As early as 7AM Manila, buses lined up outside the North Building of The Mall of Asia where Dell employees will be taken to the venue. It was kinda hard though for some of the teams who worked the night before the event because they had to go straight from work.

After an hour or two we got to the venue where most of the employees are already settled and are having their breakfast. There were two videoke machines at the front and the left side of the stage… which provided some sort of entertainment while waiting for the event to start and for the rest of the team to arrive.

Each of us were given our goodie bags which contained toiletries like shampoo, body soap, lotion, and sunblock. We were also given our passports and tickets. The passport served as our program and also included the stubs for the food and drinks for the whole day.

Over-all the event was ok… there were games, a pageant (Mr. & Ms. Dell Summer 2007), and some prizes given away. But the best part was the fact that we got to hangout together with our teams and enjoyed the sun (thank God it didn’t rain).

I will post pictures as soon as I get them. 🙂

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