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Former Mayors of Polo, Bulacan (Valenzuela City)
Arcadio Deato, 1922 – 1928 (son of Pascual Deato)
Florentino Deato, 1946-1947; 1948-1951
Avelino Deato Sr., 1952-1955
Florentino and Avelino were both sons of Arcadio. The 2 brothers were mayor back to back.

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  1. federico dela cruz
    April 20, 2014 at 2:32 pm

    arcadio deato has a brother that live and have a family in ubihan, meycauayan bulacan.. he has sons and daughters named nicasio, feliciana,nicolas, pascuala, eusebio, segundina, longhino, esteban and pablo (youngest) who just died last december 2013. three of them lgrew with theri families in wawang pulo. they are nicolas, feliciana, and eusebio. the rest are still living in ubhihan… if you want to find more info about their blood lines, you can querry to federico dela cruz( grandson of feliciana deato…. in wawang pulo….

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