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People’s reaction on Twitter to Pnoy’s interview on Youtube’s World View series

  1. Here’s a primer of the event from ANC
  2. ANC Ask PNoy (YouTube’s World View series)
  3. If you didn’t get to watch it live you can view it here
  4. YouTube World View interview of Philippine President Benigno Aquino III
  5. On the question “Mr. President, What can you do so that Filipinos will start to work here and for our country instead of migrating and working abroad.” – Ray AmblerBaguio, Cordillera Administrative Region, Philippines

    The president said “That is the ultimate goal–that we have 10 million OFWs and we want them to be back here and the way to be able to do that is with the jobs that are available here,”

    Among the accomplishments that Aquino cited was his recent trip to China, where he got billions of dollars in investments for the Philippines.  “The most recent is the state visit to China wherein we got about 1.2 or 1.8 billion dollars worth of new investments that conceivably can become about 11 to 12 billion,” he said

  6. What is your action in the booming population of street people? Is there still hope for every unemployed to be employed? – GwapoKo Cebu, Central Visayas, Philippines
  7. A lot of people wont agree with you too. RT @ANCALERTS: Aquino: We do not agree that the number of street people are increasing #AskPNoy
  8. How long will we still wait. The MILF are killing our soldiers while we are having peace talks with them. Isn’t it the right time to show them who is in charge of this country? – Mariano

    Do you consider eliminating terrorist groups in Mindanao all at once? Mindanao is a rich island rich with natural resources but still kept unused because of security issues. They are criminals of the highest kind yet they breathe fresh air. – James Cabrera
  9. So what’s the plan with the increasing violence in Mindanao?? #AskPNoy
  10. Mindanao. We should prioritize something that’s already ours. RT @ANCALERTS: Q: Which should you prioritize: Mindanao or Spratlys? #AskPNoy
  11. The Jeepney is the most used form of transportation in our country.  However it is also one of the worst contributors of green house gases.  Do you have plans to introduce innovations on the jeepney to create a more environmentally friendly transport system for citizens? – Wil, San Juan 
  12. So kung may 100k new E-tricycles, ano na ang mangyayari sa ibang tricycles? Papalitan or dagdag lang ng sasakyan sa kalye? #AskPNoy
  13. @ANCALERTS Those e-tricycles will just worsen traffic condition! We need more roads, not vehicles. #AskPnoy
  14. RT @ABSCBNNews: Aquino on transportation: We’re seriously monitoring pollution levels in our cities. #AskPNoy
  15. The Local Media also focused on the interview
  16. Reporters are here in Heroes Hall at Malacanang watching YouTube Worldview from a TV. Like a viewing party, snacks served too! 🙂 #AskPNoy
  17. What are your plans for the Reproductive Health Bill now that the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines is preventing its passage. – Andi Saw 
  18. Definitely I don’t support RH Bill. #AskPnoy
  19. diba dapat may separation of church and government? asa constitution yun diba? #AskPNoy
  20. #AskPNoy am not satisfied with his answer on Rh bill.=(
  21. PNoy favors Responsible Parenthood Bill (on RH Bill issue) #AskPnoy
  22. Aquino: I’m still in support of the responsible parenthood bill. The violent discourse (on RH Bill) has somewhat toned down. #AskPNoy
  23. If you were to promote one specific destination, activity and food here in the Philippines, what would it be and why? – Chris Reyes
  24. Aquino: You can go to practically any region & there will be sites that made your trip worthwhile. #AskPNoy
  25. Dear Mr President, you were once quoted that the Freedom of Information Bill may cause widespread panic because of misused information; don’t you agree that “tuwid na daan” needs free access to government info? What else is missing from the FOI bill? – Ian CManila, National Capital Region, Philippines
  26. #Askpnoy Aquino on FOI: We have not hidden anything from the public. We are adhering to law citizens are entitled to info.
  27. Mr Aquino, your government is still hiding a lot that needs to be disclosed. That’s why we need FOI. #askPNoy
  28. There you go. PNoy still ambigous on FOI & RH Bill. #AskPnoy
  29. NAIA is now tagged by a party as the ‘worlds worst airport’. NAIA is named after your late father and a historical landmark so I think it is valuable to you personally. What are your plans (and DOT) to improve its current state? – JesseCavite, CALABARZON, Philippines
  30. Susme! Salamat naman at natanong yan! TOTAL RENNOVATION P-LEASE!!!! RT @ABSCBNNews: Q: What are your plans to improve NAIA? #AskPNoy
  31. mr president,airport ground crews dont get luggage number to passenger.how can we solve this since its been a habit already. #AskPNoy
  32. RT @ABSCBNNews: Aquino on NAIA: Plans for improving it structurally & aesthetically will be presented to me Tuesday next week. #AskPNoy
  33. On Corruption and accessibility of Budget Data
  34. #Worldview #AskPNoy Aquino mentions his administration’s efforts to make budget data accessible
  35. taopoll Tao Po
    #AskPNoy you allowing SMARTMATIC to bid again for the next elections in 2013 after all bunglings… http://t.co/xnJxAtFr
  36. When PNoy was asked by a 7 year old boy if he believes in Santa Claus and if so what is his wish.
  37. #askPnoy hardest question is the last one.. what a killer.. hahaha
  38. The question to PNoy about Santa Claus was harder. I would have told the boy that there is no such thing as Santa Claus. LOL! #AskPNoy
  39. Ang killjoy naman ng sagot ni PNOY sa tanong ni Joshua, ahahahahahahaha #AskPNoy
  40. This is sweet. RT @ANCALERTS: 7-year-old Joshua: Do you believe in Santa? What’s your Christmas wish? #AskPNoy
  41. #AskPnoy haha.amazed with that 7 year old boy.
  42. “do you believe in santa claus?” is the most interesting question for me #AskPNoy
  43. PNoy’s Xmas wish: We really have to shift (from a critical attitude) to transforming ourselves to ‘how can we assist or neighbor’? #AskPNoy
  44. Aquino: Santa Claus as a personification of generosity, caring. #AskPNoy
  45. Netizens think that the interview was too short
  46. Awww, interview’s over. Congrats, PNoy! #WorldView #AskPNoy
  47. Booooo kulang yung time! I want more! I WANT MORE. #askPnoy
  48. Over-all reaction from the people on Twitter
  49. @iamkabute ang pangit pala ng combination.hahaha #askpnoy –sana me napala yung mga nanuod ng livestream.
  50. @pusangkalye22 E showbiz na, politician pa. What else can we expect from him? #askpnoy
  51. better country = less critics, use of natural gas, no corruption, more jobs, more tourists. I support Pnoy! #AskPnoy
  52. Ang stiff naman nung host sa Worldview. #AskPNoy
  53. isa sa mga used words ni PNoy sa interview nya kanina ay #fortheinstance! napansin nyo din ba yun? #askpnoy @ANCAlerts
  54. i wondered why everybody was so interested on Pnoy’s christmas wish. #AskPnoy
  55. Ang daming nagmamagaling, bakit hindi na lang kayo maging Presidente? :] #ASKPNoy
  56. Hurray for the successful YouTube World View series! 😀 #askPNoy
  57. sorry, not that satisfied #AskPNoy
  58. #AskPNoy interview just finished, now back to downloading! Btw, great interview!
  59. Looking at the FB feed for #AskPNoy. Grabe ang nega ng mga commenter. Lalo na yung hindi ginagamit ang totoong pangalan.
  60. Congratulations @PresidentNoy @noynoyaquino! Very successful and worth-watching YouTube World View. #AskPNoy
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