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The Nightmare that was Zest Air!

Terminal 4

Terminal 4

Terminal 4 Domestic

Terminal 4 Domestic

Cleaner washroom

Cleaner restroom

Greetings from Boracay! Hehehe! I know I shouldn’t even be blogging while I’m officially on vacation but I just can’t help it. Am a bit buzzed so pardon the grammar or the misspells if any.

Now I know why people hate Zest Air.

My cousin and his companion arrived at NAIA Terminal 1 extra early yesterday( around 11AM ). Being a good host I went straight to the airport to meet them straight from work. You know how we Filipinos are… we always want to be good hosts to our guests. That same morning Zest sent me an SMS informing me to expect a delay and that our 2:30PM flight Z2-272 bound for Kalibo (because it’s the only flight I can book in short notice) will be moved to 5:00PM. So I emailed my cousin and she got it on a short layover in South Korea. At that time I told myself that the delay would be okay and I think it’s better since we can get a short rest before going to NAIA Terminal 4 for our Kalibo flight. At 2PM I called Zest to confirm that the flight at 5PM is on. The agent on the other line (after waiting for 10 minutes) informed me that the flight is right on schedule.

We got to the Terminal a few minutes before 3PM, checked-in, and sat on the benches at the waiting area. First impression when I got in the Terminal… the old place looks way better inside than it did 5 years back. Restroom seems to be cleaner. Air-condition system appears to be working fine which was a plus for the old terminal. Only problem was the terminal from the outside needs updating cause it looks like a rundown airport and the traffic going to the place was just crazy. Good thing our driver, Kuya Jojo, is an expert in finding shortcuts!

Going back to Zest… at the baggage inspection they told my cousin’s friend that he would have to check-in his tripod since it’s not allowed to be in his carry-on luggage. This was kinda weird since it’s the first time I’ve heard of a tripod being added to an ever-growing list of items you can’t put in your carry-on bag. We didn’t want to ruin our trip so he did as he was told but we constantly asked why it would be necessary to do such. Nobody from either the terminal’s staff nor the people from Zest Air can give us a straight / valid reason. My cousin even asked if they can assure us that they will not lose the tripod and was told numerous times by the staff of Zest that they will take care of the item and will send it to us personally when we land in Kalibo.

After waiting for 2 hours and 30 minutes (delayed again) we started bording the plane. From then on everything seemed fine until we landed in Kalibo. We waited for the representative of Zest to approach us at the disembarkation lounge for our stuff and as expected they lost the tripod. Just imagine how frustrated I was… there we are with no sleep coming from work, my cousin and her friend flew 16 hours from Los Angeles, our flight got delayed 3 hours, and they lost the tripod. I was furious but was trying hard not to show it since I don’t want to ruin our vacation. Our travel coordinator from Boracay Transfers was very nice and said that they will wait for us until the issue has been settled. After almost 1 hour of talking to the Zest staff they assured us that the package is in Manila and that they will send it to our Hotel at Boracay Regency the next day. This morning we went to Zest Air office here in Boracay and up until now there’s no word where the package is. Tsk tsk tsk! Talk about bad customer service! What’s worst they don’t seem to care about anything… they didn’t even offer anything to compensate for the inconvenience.

Anyway I don’t want to fret about it. But definitely this is the last time I’m taking Zest Air. Such a nightmare!

  1. gracr
    September 8, 2013 at 7:09 pm

    My husband went to palawan and found out half tank lang nilagay na fuel. OMG. Imagine kung nagkaemergency the plane would crash not because of pilot or mechanical error dahil said naubusan ng petrol.

    • April 3, 2016 at 2:13 am

      Just so you know, hindi po pinupuno lagi ang fuel tank ng eroplano. The fuel is computed depending on destination, weight, wind, etc. at syempre may sobra pa for emergencies or go-arounds. Source: aircraft mechanic for 4 years.

  2. October 8, 2013 at 3:21 am

    That was indeed a nightmare sis! Thats unacceptable..natakot tuloy ako kasi we will go to bora on oct 15 via zest (tiger airways) ..hmm sana di to mangyari..

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