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How to create a Quiff

FYI: This is just a random post… a break from all the entertainment stuff I’ve been posting lately.

So lately I’ve been trying to play around with my hair cause I get bored with my short hair.  I wanted to go to and get a hair cut yesterday but failed to book ahead so I ended up getting a really late schedule.  I decided to just go get lunch and some grocery shopping done and just go straight home with my younger sister.

When I got home I decided to check out what exactly do I wanna do with my hair.  Got really cool ideas but majority of the style is still into the short on the side and long on the top kinda deal.  So I decided I want to get it done but I still need to get a hair cut. Hahaha! (I’m definitely going to do that soon)

In the meantime I decided to see what I need to style my hair when I do get that hair cut and I stumbled on this video from youtube.

The only problem is I don’t have a sea salt spray and don’t know where the heck I can buy one.  So I decided to go online and see if I can make myself one.  I found so many instructions and just decided to stick with what’s available at home.  Basically all you need are probably already in your kitchen.

– 1 spray bottle (The bigger the better… I look into my old products and found a bottle that’s already empty)

– 1 tbsp of sea salt — they say that it’s different from the table salt in the kitchen but it’s not true… rock salt is sea salt specially here in the Philippines.  We get it from the sea!!! Hahaha!  It’s just a marketing ploy so don’t fall for it.  I used 1 tbs. for mine, the more salt you use, the more textured your hair will be.

– 1 tbsp  a light oil (I used olive oil but you can also try coconut oil)
– 1 tbsp of gel to add extra body
– 5 tiny drops of essential oil (I used lavender but you can use whatever you have… its entirely optional though)
Shake ingredients well before every single use.
Here’s what I want to achieve with this experiment… will try to post photos when I’m done 🙂
2012 Quiff Lookbook from http://www.fashionbeans.com

2012 Quiff Lookbook from http://www.fashionbeans.com

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