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Consul General Jose Ampeso DRUNK in POWER?

For most of us, going abroad is the best option to escape the corruption in our country.  A viral video showing a consul general by the name of Jose Ampeso shouting at a Overseas Filipino Worker by the name of Proceso Jr. Flordeliz for not giving donation to the Philippine Red Cross.

He narrates his ordeal with the consul general on Tsikot, a popular forum of car owners and enthusiasts in the Philippines and abroad.

This happened yesterday in Sheraton Hotel in Red Deer, Alberta wherein a Passport Renewal Outreach was being done. Basically, the Phil Consulate and staff come to provinces of Canada for Filipinos who want to renew their passports, request NBI clearance, and such. This activity can be done any day though in Vancouver, British Columbia (BC).

Now, I booked an appointment and was scheduled today at 4:05 pm. The outreach is only 4 days and only allows up to 400 renewals. Having said that, many came just to try their luck even though walk-in renewals have little chance of succeeding.

I came with my wife and 3 month-old baby all the way from Edmonton, which is almost a 2-hr drive. When I entered the ballroom 3, where the passport renewalswere made, I was surprised to see a lot of people. I ask an elderly man who was sitting behind a desk, along with two ladies. I came up to him and asked. Here’s how the conversation went:

Me: Is this where you pass your requirements for passport renewal?
Elderly Man: (grinning slightly) Magdodonate ka ba?
Me: (smelt alcohol in his breath) Uh, I don’t think I’d do it today. Maybe next time.

Then he disregarded me and went to talk to somebody else. One of the lady sitting beside him asked me if I had an appointment booked for today. I said yes at 4:05pm. She then immediately stopped the papers she was processing and preceded to get my requirement papers. Turns out those applications were already for the waiting list, the ones who just walked-in.

After that, I went out and got a pen for my wife just to be ready for other forms to fill-up, but there weren’t any. I was asked to wait for my surname to be called as usual policy of government transactions. The elderly man called my last name finally, and as I stood up, this conversation took place:

Me: I am!
EM: Now are you going to donate? (Serious look on face) Kahit magkano Ok lang.
Me: (getting my coin purse and jokingly) Okay lang ba one dollar? Eto lang nakayanan ko eh (with a smile on my face)
Me: Wait, I am only joking. You are right?
Me: (still calm) Is this some kind of a joke? What’s happening?

All people became silent as others murmur whispers of disapproval and disgust. Many suggest calling the police, some say that what transpired was not right, that I should file a complaint.

A lady and a man came up to me and asked for pardon. The lady told me to just let it pass, cause he’s just tired from working from morning. That everyone should calm down. She asked me to proceed to another room where the picture-taking is being held and to just wait in there. She personally got my paper and pushed it until the last step.

Here I am just wanting my passport renewed and I have to deal with this arrogant, rude and drunk old man! Being berated as cheap by not giving “donation” which God knows what will become of it. Being threatened of not having my passport renewed, which I most certainly know that I didn’t violate any laws to be denied of such. And being shouted at like a little kid in front of a crowd just smacks my morale to the gound.

Now, let me introduce to you who the elderly man is. He is no other than Philippine Consul General Jose Ampeso. Yes, the consul himself. Acting like that in front of Filipinos who work in another country just to have food in their families’ plates. Filipinos, who occupy a big percentile of the Philippines’ GNI yearly by their remittances. Filipinos, like me, who dedicated effort and money on this day just to have passports renewed, but this is what we get.

Calling the Philippine Ambassador to Canada, to act on this matter. Or if we may, we would also appreciate DFA Sec Albert del Rosario’s help in ensuring that Filipinos here in Canada are getting the services of the embassy in a straightforward, proper and decent manner.

Besides, we are paying for the services. Money that we earned using blood and sweat.

In recent interviews with Jose Ampeso says that he is the victim here.  Watch the video below.

Ampeso, who is due to retire in 2014, first figured in a controversy in 1996 when Evangeline “Luli” Arroyo, daughter of then-President President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, filed a sexual harassment case against him.

Jose Ampeso Viral Video

The younger Arroyo, who was a volunteer during the Philippine hosting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit, said Ampeso, whom she claimed was under the influence of alcohol, made “inappropriate” remarks towards her.

Arroyo filed an administrative case against Ampeso with the DFA but it was dismissed in 1998 after the diplomat wrote a letter of apology in the presence of her parents.


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  1. April 28, 2013 at 7:41 pm

    is he still a member of Philippine Diplomatic Corps? till 2014?
    WOW ..to whom are they accountable for any way? I thought we are the Boss, sabi ni P.Noy what a joke…

  2. April 29, 2013 at 10:22 pm

    Consuls at all times are assign to serve the best interest of pilipinos & our coutry all over the world at all times. Taxpayers money is spend for this purpose. This arrogant serviceman must not stay a minute more or the whole phil. foreign services is compromise. HOW ABOUT BANNING FOREIGN SERVICES PERSONEL FROM SOLICITING IN BEHALF OF ANY GOVERMENT AGENCIES. this might breed corruption.. Mr president, the ball is on u..

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