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What to do with Metro Manila’s Traffic?

Metro Manila TrafficPhoto Courtesy of http://www.expatch.org

Is it just me or is traffic in Metro Manila going from bad to worse?  With the uncontrolled increase in the number of vehicles and the lack of addition roads I guess it’s but expected right?  So what’s the government doing?  Re-blocking EDSA and C5!  Hahaha!

But don’t lose hope.  There are some exciting projects happening to ease the situation.  Some I consider to be good solution to the problem yet some I consider BAND-AID Solution to the problem.

Integrated Bus Terminal

There are 9000 to 12000 buses using EDSA which is almost 8 times more what it can handle.  The solution according to the government is to move the provincial bus terminals to the south and north of Metro Manila to remove 4000 buses from EDSA.  Ofcourse the bus operators are complaining saying that it’s not a good solution to the problem.  I think it is a GREAT solution!  Having the bus terminals moved outside the metro and creating a system similar to our airports would not just help the traffic situation but also security and making things more organized.  We desperately need to organize NCR!

NLEX Harbor Link

People from Manila. Valenzuela, Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas are to benefit from this project.  It’s purpose is to connect C3 and McArthur Highway to NLEX Mindanao Avenue and Balintawak both in QC.  The construction has already started that will connect McArthur Highway to the existing Mindanao Loop.  Though this is a good solution to the really bad traffic in CAMANAVA, this to me is just a temporary solution to the problem.  Something that the rich will be able to afford.  The real solution is to create more road networks and improvement of our public transport system.  ADDITIONAL ROADS not ADDITION TOLLWAYS is the real solution.

Instead of Temporary solutions these are LONG TERM SOLUTIONS I believe would resolve our traffic problem:

1. Re-educating drivers

2. Changes in the application for driver’s license.   Total Revamp on the Written and Actual Driving test (instead of driving inside the LTO compound have the applicants drive in real roads and rate them based on that).  Maybe introducing a point system similar to what other countries are doing wherein all drivers will be given a number of points and will get deductions every time they violate the law and at renewal if they fall below a certain point then they will not be allowed to renew their license and undergo re-training.

3. Setup stop signs on intersections in the city

4. Road Widening and Construction and adding more roads

5. Rehabilitation and Upgrading and adding Train Networks

6. Rehabilitation and using our rivers as transportation networks

7. Phaseout Jeepneys in EDSA and C5

8. Lowering taxes outside the city to entice people to move outside of the congested city. (including VAT and Income Tax)

9. Imposing higher insurance rates to those who violate traffic rules frequently and lower rates to those who have no violation.

10. Limiting the number of cars per household.

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