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Go Get A Starbucks Planner!

Image from http://www.mymanila.net/2015/11/02/starbucks-planner-2016/

Starbucks Planner 2016

I bet you didn’t expect that right? Those of you who made it a tradition to line up in Starbucks every year — go ahead!  MyManila made a computation and it came to PHP 2,186 for you to get the planner given that you get the cheapest set of coffee. Aside from the cost you also get a whopping 2,205 serving of calories with that.

So why do I suggest you get the planner? Because if I say that it’s just a waste of money, it’s an overpriced planner, it’s a planner you probably will never use, or you get extra pounds just by drinking those cups of high calorie drinks — you probably wouldn’t listen anyway.

If I say that P95 a cup / day is P2,660 / month or P31,920 / year or P319,200 in a decade. Something that can give you at least Half a Million pesos given an 8 – 10% interest rate — would that stop you?

If you make Starbucks your office away from home or the regular workplace and you do it regularly anyway; then by all means make the most out of it. I know alot of my friends go to Starbucks to work (freelancers and self-employed). Some go there just because they can (rich kids ika nga). If you are either one of the two then go ahead! But if you are doing it just because you want to spend without thinking about it or you simply don’t have the budget for it then I suggest you walk as far away as possible.

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