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I’m Addicted to Walang Hanggan

June 14, 2012 6 comments

It’s very rare for me to watch Filipino Soaps but there’s one that I must admit that got my attention.  I don’t get to watch television that much so I just go online and watch ABSCBN shows via and in one lazy evening I decided to pick a tv show for me to watch.  I usually watch Gandang Gabi Vice but that night I was feeling a bit emo so I decided to check out Walang Hanggan.

At first I must admit, I was like “why am I watching this again?”.  Filipino soaps haven’t changed that much since the last time I got hooked into it.  The usual poor guy falls in love with a rich girl… rich guy gets the girl… poor guy gets rich and tries to win back the girl.  This was the usual but the show is a bit different… yes there are still those scenes where you just want to scream at the lead actors because they’re so stupid!  I mean I don’t think someone would be that stupid not to know when it’s time to stand up for your right.  Then again this is fiction so why am I affected? Hahaha!

Over-all this soap is a good way to escape from reality and maybe in some scenes relate to the characters.  I love that Dawn Zulueta is back with fellow PUPian Richard Gomez.  Rita Avila is a very good character actress as always and fits into the role as a good wife to Richard who would do anything to protect her family.  It’s also nice to see that even old but very talented actors like Helen Gamboa and Susan Roces are given really good roles in this show.  I wasn’t really a fan of Julia Montes and Coco Martin but they are revelations in this show… I think they both will go a long way.  Joem Bascon is really effective in his role as one of the “kontrabidas”.  I met him once before when I did fashion styling with KC Leyco during the TV 5 grand launch and he was really a nice guy… very far from his role here.  I don’t really like Melissa Ricks here at first but I’m beginning to like her now… hopefully she can be given better roles in the future.  Paolo Avelino is really a diamond in the rough… he has depth in his acting and seems to be a good fit for the role of a crazy / jealous husband!  He really has gone a long long way from the kid I met at a model’s party in Makati a few years ago when he was still with Mercator (not sure if he’s still being managed by the same agency).

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