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Please Free Mali!

PETA's  free Mali movement

In a cramped enclosure at the Manila Zoo lives an Asian elephant named Mali.  The Loneliest Elephant in the world was born in Sri Lanka in 1974.  Mali was only 3-years-old when she was torn from her home and family and shipped to the zoo. Mali needs to be retired to a sanctuary where she can live out the rest of her life in comfort and peace. Free Mali NOW!

The video shows how Mali’s life is like inside her cramped and cemented prison cell at the Manila Zoo. Really heartbreaking to watch.

Local as well as international celebrities and ordinary people started taking mugshots of themselves holding a sign asking for Mali’s release. An online petition gathered more than 60,000 signatures asking for her immediate release. Foreign experts indicated that Mali is suffering foot problems that can be fatal to her health if she is not moved to a sanctuary and get socialized with other elephants.

Pamela Anderson PETA

The most recent appeal for Mali release came from an unexpected personality. Pamela Anderson, an active PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) supporter, recently sent a letter to President Aquino asking for a date to discuss the relocation of Mali to a sanctuary.

Please help by sharing this article to your friends.  Post the information on your social networks.  Help Mali by putting pressure on our law makers to do the right thing.


Earth Hour is a JOKE!!!

March 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Come on people!  How long will you be fooled by this so called “EARTH HOUR” movement?

Earth Hour celebrates ignorance, poverty and backwardness!

It’s really funny watching people on TV participate in this big piece of nonsense.  They’re saying that turning off the light for 1 hour will save the planet and will make the governments of the world aware of the issue that the planet is facing.  Hello!!! As if they are not aware of that already.   By the way, it is a fact that those people lighting those candles during that useless 60 minutes are causing more harm to the planet.

Here’s a photo of a house during Earth Hour and why I think the owner of the house did a better job than most of you out there.  Read the note that the owner posted with this photo.




We thought long and hard about the most environmentally friendly way to light our house for earth hour. Candles were out of the question, the carbon emissions are too high (most are made from parrafin wax, derived from oil) and they produce polluting smoke that I wouldn’t want my young son to be breathing. We’ve been lectured for years now about the dangers of second-hand smoke. Torches were just as bad, as disposable batteries are toxic and use a large amount of energy to produce, having higher CO2 emissions than mains electricity.

Furthermore both candles and batteries are mainly made in China these days, and the emissions from transport must also be taken into account. Candles are also a fire hazard, and because of their inefficiency are far more expensive than electricity.

So we finally settled on NZ-made renewable hydro-electricity as the lowest-emission, most eco-friendly way to light our house.

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4 RP sites in TOP 10


Hot off the press! Four of the country’s top tourist spots have made it to the Top 10 list in the worldwide search for the “Seven Wonders of Nature.”

As of yesterday, Tubbataha Reef in Palawan was in second place, followed by Chocolate Hills in Bohol (fourth place), Puerto Princesa Subterranean River, also in Palawan (sixth) and Mayon Volcano in Bicol (10th).

The list of nominees and the mechanics for voting are posted on the poll’s official website while the live rankings can be viewed at

Filipinos can still vote online for the Philippine bets until Dec. 31, after which the Top 77 nominees will be submitted to a panel of experts that will put together a shortlist of 21 finalists by January 2009.

A second round of popular voting for the 21 finalists will then follow until the end of 2009, with the Top Seven nominees being officially declared the new “Seven Wonders of Nature” by year 2010.

Source: Philippine Star

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