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March 12, 2008 34 comments

LUCAS RAVEN MIRZA please stop this nonesense! I’m asking this for your own good!

I decided to stay quiet for so long and I never thought that things will go this far! You know what? I completely removed you from my circle of friends for a reason… because I don’t want to have an enemy but with what you’re doing behind my back and even asking someone to pretend to be your “COUSIN AMY” and call me even at work and leave threats on my voicemail is just so sick!

What is this about “ME NOT KNOWING WHO I’M DEALING WITH?” But then again thanks to your cousin, who I doubt if you’re even related… I was able to use it as evidence in filing my Blotter case against you and your so-called cousin!

That’s right! If something bad happens to me you and your cousin are gonna be the primary suspects!

And please tell your cousin who’s so open about saying that she’s from the US! I DON’T CARE! I suggest she start packing her things because I can have her deported back to where she came from!

As for what she said about you guys caring so much for your family‘s affair… please! Give me a break! You even fabricated stories about your family! You told your ex that your family was massacred in Cebu! That is just sick man! And you told me your family is in Thailand! Dude please be consistent in your stories! You told my friend that your family is in Bacolod! So which is which?

By the way, you told my friend that you just got back from Bangkok with my other friend! I was with my friend the night he came back from Bangkok, and the funny thing is he never mentioned you tagging along! Call that a big lie! Plus what’s this thing your saying about you going to Spain? Please you can’t even pay your rent and your earlier trip to Boracay!

The next time you threaten me… please have the balls to do it yourself and don’t use other people in doing your dirty work for you! That’s just so GAY!

After you read this my advice is for you to GET A LIFE! Don’t show your face to me ever unless you want to end up in jail!

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