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Anne Curtis is busy filming for Blood Ransom

Anne Curtis for Blood Ransom

Anne Curtis for Blood Ransom

On my way to the office today while listening to The Morning Rush on the Radio, Delamar mentioned about the upcoming movie of Anne Curtis.  I know that she’s in the US filming a movie but didn’t know the details until now.  May 23, Anne Curtis bid goodbye to her It’s Showtime family saying that she will be out of the country for a month to pursue her dreams.  At that time, she didn’t go into the details.  After the news of Anne leaving her noontime show, Ogie Diaz broke the news on Twitter.  According to him the reason Anne was leaving Showtime was because she landed a full-length role in a Hollywood film.  Anne in response denied his statement “mali po kayo”.

Delamar, being an avid fan of Anne Curtis said that she was really intrigue by the recent tweets from Anne like saying goodbye and having her boyfriend cook for her, and the last tweet was about her leaving on a plane.  Anne broke her silence and eventually admitted that she’s filming a Holywood movie in the US called “Blood Ransom”.

Via her official Twitter account, Curtis shared that she’s shooting the film “Blood Ransom” in California.

“Blood Ransom. Coming soon.,”  Curtis tweeted.

She also shared that she’s not the only Filipino actor who’s part of movie, but did not give names.

“@vidaesperros im not the only filipino :),” she said.

Curtis also revealed that the name of the character that she will portray is Crystal.

Blood Ransom is produced by Tectonic Films and directed by Francis dela Torre, the same director who helmed Jericho Rosales’ Subject: I Love You.  Anne Curtis’ Blood Ransom is set for a 2013 release.

Aside from Anne who plays the role of Crystal, the movie also stars Clifton Powell as Detective Hobbs and Jamie Harris as Bill. Suzette Ranillo is also in the cast as Tita Paz.

Puting pang-Dyosa ni Anne Curtis!

Anne Curtis

Anne Curtis photo from her FB Fan Page

I just have to post this for the benefit of my sanity!  I’ve been on LSS (Last Song Syndrome) – ing on her commercial’s theme song.  To those who wants the lyrics for the song I also posted it below 🙂  Now let’s all sing together… 1, 2, 3… GO!  Hahaha!

Fair, like a goddess…
With your touch divine
Just one week in time
My skin’s whiter…oooh so bright
Now I’m fair, so fair
Para sa putting pang dyosa. Like a goddess…
Para sa putting pang dyosa.

Anne Curtis and Francis Libiran for ANTM

April 22, 2012 28 comments

America’s Next Top Model has been doing really good things for Filipino designers and this time our very own Anne Curtis gets to share this chance and celebrity photographer Mark Nicdao.  Apparently Tyra Banks chose Francis to create gowns specifically for a shoot that will be featured on the show.  UPDATE:  According to sources the said episode will air on April 25 in the US via the CW channel and in the Philippines on April 30 via cable channel ETC. Anne Curtis on the other hand was hand-picked by the Pinoy designer as a model because according to him, Anne “represents a perfect Filipina.”

Anne, meanwhile is very glad that she got chosen by Francis because she really likes his designs and that most of her gowns when she was just starting in the business was made by Francis.

“I’d do anything for him. Back then when I was just starting in the industry, he made all the beautiful dresses that I wore in special events in my life,” said Anne.

Here are the designs Francis created for the segment.  What do you guys think?

Anne Curtis wears Francis Libiran

Anne Curtis wears Francis Libiran

Anne Curtis wears Francis Libiran

Anne Curtis wears Francis Libiran

Anne Curtis wears Francis Libiran

Anne Curtis wears Francis Libiran

Anne Curtis wears Francis Libiran

Anne Curtis wears Francis Libiran

Celebrity Filipino photographer, Mark Nicdao did the glamour shoot.  According to America’s Next Top Model producer, fellow Filipino Michael Carandang, this will be the first time that the works of a Pinoy photographer will be exhibited in ANTM.  Carandang is very happy for the talents of Filipino designers.  Before Francis, Filipino designers like Michael Cinco and Oliver Tolentino have penetrated ANTM after their creations were featured in a number of episodes of the show last year.

Tyra Banks was also one of the Best-Dressed during the annual Blossom Ball in New York wore a gown made by Libiran.

Let’s do this PINOYs! Kudos to everyone who took part in this very promising project.  Let’s show the world what the Philippines can offer. 🙂

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