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>Eastwood City Single’s Night Out 2005

February 16, 2005 Leave a comment

>Singles Night Out EastwoodChristine, Me, and ZarinaChristine and Zarina

Thanks to the Eastwood City Management and staff for a wonderful night last Feb 14. I met alot of cool and nice people during that night of the hearts in the person of Karen, Christine and Zarina and the rest of the participants.

Thank you also to Ibisu, Jack’s Loft, Eastwood Cinemas, Designer Blooms, and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for accomodating us during the duration of the event.

>Me on a dating game?

February 10, 2005 Leave a comment

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Eastwood City
Eastwood City,
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Hey guys I was chosen to be one of the participants for Eastwood City’s dating game for Valentine’s Day. Just got a call this afternoon from the Eastwood City Management and was asked to go to the media presentation tomorrow.

If you’re not doing anything tomorrow (Feb 11 Friday) night around 7PM, come to Eastwood City activity center and join us and have fun. I need all your support. Hehehe!

>Uma and Rose raids my condo part 3

December 1, 2004 4 comments

Eastwood City by day

Eastwood City by night

2PM we wanted to get something to eat. Got to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, ordered breakfast and went to People are People to check out some clothes and stuff. We each grabbed a hat and started posing as if we’re in front of the camera. I got the brown leather cowboy hat while Rose got this cute knitted white hat and Uma got this French hat.

Ayan: So what do we do now?

Rose: Hey I wanna watch The Incredibles

Uma: Gusto nyo ko matulog?

Ayan: Bakit?

Rose: Hay naku si kuya natutulog sa loob ng sinehan yan.

Ayan: Hey there’s this bowling center in Eastwood Cinema Mall wanna try it out?

Rose: Ako ok lang. Si kuya di ko alam.

Uma: Ok lang.

On our way to the bowling center we saw Napoleon. You know this clothing store for kids. You won’t believe it but they have really good clothes. Not that I want to by them for my “inaanaks” this Christmas. We’re buying clothes for ourselves. Hehehe! The idea actually came from Uma. He hates buying clothes that are too big for him or too expensive. You would be surprised (I know I was) to get good deals in places like this. After checking some clothes we decided to go to the bowling center.

Was kinda weird at first because there weren’t so many people today. I guess it’s too early. Anyway Uma said he doesn’t know how to play but would love to try it out. His lack of experience didn’t stop him from having fun and at the end of the first game he was asking us to play one more round.

It was such a busy day and they had to go but I had fun. Until next time people.

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