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Bus A, B, and C a BIG FAILURE!

Photo courtesy of DZMM of ABSCBN News

MMDA (Metro Manila Development Authority) launched late last year a strategy to somehow organize public buses in EDSA by segregating them into three categories: A, B, and C with different bus stops along EDSA. (About time right?)

Here’s my observation… IT’S NOT WORKING!

Buses still load and unload everywhere and anywhere they please along EDSA. On my way to makati and back this has been the case and the MMDA Traffic Enforcers don’t seem to care or just pretend they don’t see anything.

On my way back home, the bus I was on picked up a passenger on a Bus stop B near Nepa Q Mart even though it’s only allowed to pick up passengers at Bus stop A. What happened next showed how bad corruption in the streets of Metro Manila is. A MMDA Traffic Enforcer stopped the bus and asked for the driver’s license. I was impressed at first and then I overheard the driver saying “Pababaan mo ha!” (Ask him to lower it!) to the conductor who then got off the bus and went to the MMDA Traffic Enforcer.

A few minutes passed and the conversation went like this…

Driver: “Magkano daw?” (How much?)
Conductor: “Isang Libo daw ‘pre!” (One thousand Pesos!)
Driver: “Pababaan mo naman.” (Ask him to lower it.)

After 5 minutes the conductor came back with a huge smile on his face. Handed back the driver’s license to the bus driver.

Driver: “Magkano?” (How much?)
Conductor: 250 lang! (250 Pesos)

I was shocked and saddened by this. Is it really that bad that it seems like it’s common practice to bribe an officer? It only takes USD $5 to buy a MMDA Traffic Enforcer’s dignity? And why are there 10 or sometimes more MMDA Traffic Enforcers in one spot when there is so many traffic prone areas all over EDSA? Do you need one to stand, one to wave, and one to give traffic tickets, and the other to ask for “kotong”? Why is MMDA allowing this to happen? I wish my phone wasn’t dead so I could have taken a video of the incident. Tsk tsk tsk!

Corruption more fun in the Philippines? I hope not!


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