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My Case Against HTC Philippines and SIS Philippines Part 3

May 10, 2013 17 comments

SIS Philippines

Poor Customer Experience, Arrogant, and Pitiful… three words to describe the Management of HTC Philippines and SIS Philippines.

Finally they showed up on the second mediation conference at the Department of Trade and Industry office today.  I can’t help but get really upset while listening to all their excuses trying to wash their hands of any responsibility for damaging my phone.

Cyra Fancisco – Operations Manager of SIS Philippines and Robert Dorano of HTC Philippines didn’t even apologize for the inconvenience this whole experience (nightmare) caused me.  Now I know why these two companies and their staff act the way they do… because their managers don’t even know what CUSTOMER SERVICE is.  It is definitely true that management directly reflect the way their people treat their customers.

Here’s the catch… they offered me 30% discount for the repair costs and they will NOT REFUND, REPLACE, or FIX the phone they damaged.  The whole thing is my fault… well they didn’t exactly say that but that’s how I feel.  So it’s my fault for wanting to get my phone fixed?  It’s my fault for taking it to HTC’s OFFICIAL / ACCREDITED SERVICE CENTER?  It’s my fault because I was informed by an SIS Philippines staff that my phone’s issue can easily be fixed?  It’s my fault because I WAS NEVER INFORMED that running their so called DIAGNOSTIC can render my phone TOTALLY UNUSABLE?

Btw to quote Robert Dorano – Manager from HTC when I informed him that I am blogging about my bad experience with HTC and I haven’t gotten a reply to any of my messages on their Fan Page “That is not the proper venue to air out your concern!”  Really??? Then why do you even have this Fan Page if you don’t want to face your customers’ complaints???  Pa-pogi lang ba tong Facebook Fan Page nyo?  Last time I checked, we live in a free country and I can blog what in my opinion is correct and what really happened based on my POOR EXPERIENCE with your company.

VERDICT:  I’m going to file an ADMINISTRATIVE CASE against HTC and SIS Philippines.  This has never been about the money but MY PRINCIPLE.  I will fight for what I think is due me and what I think is right no matter if it takes months or ever years.

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My Case Against HTC Philippines and SIS Philippines Part 2

May 9, 2013 9 comments


First day of mediation at the DTI office at Trafalgar Place in Makati.

HTC Philippines and SIS Philippines proved again that they don’t care about their consumers by not showing up.

An invite was sent to the President / Manager of SIS Philippines last May 3 for the mediation conference on May 8 and May 10. No response from the said company up to now.

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My Case Against HTC Philippines and SIS Philippines

April 25, 2013 130 comments


I’ve decided to publish my open letter to the Department of Trade Industry to voice out my frustration against a company that doesn’t value their consumers and failed in so many instances to provide quality service to their customers.

To Whom it may concern

The Department of Trade and Industry,

April 25, 2013

I am writing you this letter today to ask for help regarding my poor experience with HTC Philippines through their Official Service Center provider SIS Philipines who’s office is located at Suite 3003, 30th Floor, Atlanta Centre, 31 Annapolis Street, Greenhills, San Juan with phone number 822-9269 and email

I used to be a proud owner of a HTC mobile phone and have been a loyal consumer of HTC ever since they became available here in the country. Last April 18, 2013 I decided to have my phone fixed due to a problem with the phone’s receiver. I can’t hear the other party through the receiver whenever I make phone calls using the phone.

After consulting with my Wireless Provider SMART Communications, I was directed to go to the OFFICAL SERVICE CENTER of HTC Philippines which is SIS Philippines. This would be my first time to have my phone serviced and I wanted to make sure that I would only get it serviced by competent technicians licensed by HTC Philippines so I decided to take it to the said service centre.

Upon arriving at the centre I spoke with the representative and told him my concern. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get his name. I showed him my phone and I told him that I would like to have the receiver fixed since to me it’s just a simple matter of replacing the receiver and the attendant even told me that it would only cost around P200. He also mentioned that they will be performing diagnostics on the phone and that I might lose my data. I told him that losing my data is not a problem since I always keep a backup of my files on my memory card. After removing my sim and memory card I signed a waiver (see attached) and was given a job order slip (see attached) and was adviced to follow up to check the status of the repair.

I got a call yesterday (April 24, 2013) from a customer rep by the name of Andrew with employee number PH012900 who introduced himself as an HTC Tier 1 Support rep and informed me that diagnostics have been done on my phone and that they found multiple problems with it. He mentioned that during the diagnostics they found out that the LCD, Motherboard, Battery, and Receiver are all defective and resulted in the phone not booting up to the system. I was shocked since I left my phone with them in functioning condition except the faulty receiver. He then continued on by saying that in order for them to fix the phone I would have to pay a whopping P20,000. This got me aggravated and told him that I would just want to pull out the phone from their centre but would like to know who is responsible for damaging my phone. He said that the company SIS Philippines is their official service provider in the Philippines but didn’t give me a straight answer as to who will be liable for the damages brought about by the intrusive diagnostics they did on my phone that resulted to it completely failing. I then asked for a supervisor and got a hold of an Angelo with employee number PH000086 who introduced himself as an Escalation Specialist from HTC Philippines. I explained to him my situation and all he said was that he understands my situation but unfortunately he can’t do anything about it and I would have to take my concern to the service centre and the technician who performed the diagnostics on my phone. I asked for the name of the technician that performed the diagnostics and he told me that based on what’s showing on his system the name of the technician is Hefner but that’s all he can provide me. I asked Angelo if he could transfer me to his manager or have his manager call me back regarding my concern. He just said that he will have his manager or the technician from SIS call me the next day. I waited for a call from HTC or SIS the whole day today (April 25, 2013) but never heard anything back from them.

I decided to go to the service centre and get an explanation from the people who performed the diagnostics and ask who is accountable for the damages. I got to talk to a supervisor by the name of Agnes Ante who was very arrogant in saying that they will not take any responsibility for the damages. I told her that the phone was working and functioning when I brought it to their service centre and now after they performed their diagnostics they are giving me back a dead phone. She just said that they can not do anything about it. I asked for a copy of the waiver that I signed. The waiver only indicates that I’m waiving my rights to data loss that may happen and theft, fire, or any act of God which is beyond their control.

Under the Consumer Act of the Philippines:

ARTICLE 99. Liability Defective Services – The service supplier is liable for redress, independently of fault, for damages caused to consumers by defects relating to the rendering of the services, as well as for insufficient or inadequate information on the fruition and hazards thereof.


The service is defective when it does not provide the safety the consumer may rightfully expect of it, taking the relevant circumstances into consideration, including but not limited to:

a) manner in which it is provided.

b) the result of hazards which may reasonably be expected of it;

c) the time when it was provided.


A service is not considered defective because of the use or introduction of new techniques.

The supplier of the services shall not be held liable when it is proven:

a) that there is no defect in the service rendered;

b) that the consumer or third party is solely at fault

I strongly feel that my rights as a consumer is not being respected and therefor I asked for the contact information of their legal department to which they provided a certain Robert Dorado’s contact information 09399228210. When I asked if he’s a lawyer or someone who’s from SIS Philippine’s Legal Department, Agnes Ante told me that he is from HTC and that he is also handling their legal department.

I wasn’t happy with the way my concern is being handled so I asked if I could talk to Agnes’ manager. She told me that her manager Cyra Francisco is in a meeting. I told her that I am willing to wait to resolve my concern. After waiting for almost 2 hours I decided to leave defeated and tired trying to air my concern. I am hoping that your good office would be gracious enough to hear my complaints and assist me in getting justice from this unscrupulous business processes of these two companies.

All I’m asking for is for them to fix my phone back to the way it was when I handed it to them. Either that or have it replaced with a working phone of equal value.


Dante Deato



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