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Please Free Mali!

PETA's  free Mali movement

In a cramped enclosure at the Manila Zoo lives an Asian elephant named Mali.  The Loneliest Elephant in the world was born in Sri Lanka in 1974.  Mali was only 3-years-old when she was torn from her home and family and shipped to the zoo. Mali needs to be retired to a sanctuary where she can live out the rest of her life in comfort and peace. Free Mali NOW!

The video shows how Mali’s life is like inside her cramped and cemented prison cell at the Manila Zoo. Really heartbreaking to watch.

Local as well as international celebrities and ordinary people started taking mugshots of themselves holding a sign asking for Mali’s release. An online petition gathered more than 60,000 signatures asking for her immediate release. Foreign experts indicated that Mali is suffering foot problems that can be fatal to her health if she is not moved to a sanctuary and get socialized with other elephants.

Pamela Anderson PETA

The most recent appeal for Mali release came from an unexpected personality. Pamela Anderson, an active PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) supporter, recently sent a letter to President Aquino asking for a date to discuss the relocation of Mali to a sanctuary.

Please help by sharing this article to your friends.  Post the information on your social networks.  Help Mali by putting pressure on our law makers to do the right thing.


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