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The Voice of the Philippines set looks CHEAP

June 15, 2013 11 comments


I know it’s all about the voice but just look at that set. There is no production value whatsoever… It’s simply atrocious! My eyes were bleeding while watching the show. It even came to a point where I don’t even want to look at the TV Screen anymore. I just wanted to listen to the performer and the judges’ comments while reading tweets about the show.

Come on ABS-CBN this is supposed to be a franchise of The Voice! Please try to at least be at par with the versions of other countries in Asia. Your audience is changing! We demand quality and better production value especially with a show as big as this!

Still don’t get what I mean?  Look at these videos.




The saving grace of the show are the judges especially Ms. Lea Salonga. She was so funny and so energetic fighting for her favorite artists. was also a delight to watch with his Pinoy / Amboy way of getting his favorites to choose him. Surprisingly Sarah G was very careful in choosing who she wants to bring in to her team. I think it’s wise since it’s just the first set of contestants. Bamboo, who I had the chance to meet in person for a shoot for a magazine cover, made a risk by getting Deb (which I don’t personally like) but I believe in you Mr. Bamboo.

I don’t know if I like Toni Gonzaga as the host. I just feel that her hosting style is very similar to how she hosts Pinoy Big Brother. I like Toni but I wish it was someone else who’s not yet associated with any other big show in the past.  Dunno if it’s just me but when Toni interviews a contestant after his / her  performance, it feels like she’s talking to someone who just got evicted from the Big Brother House.   As for the two other hosts (Alex Gonzaga and Robi Domingo); I don’t feel they are connecting with the show. They look awkward especially that part where they were reporting outside the studio.

The Voice Chair US

Overall, the pilot episode of The Voice of the Philippines was a success but I do have some suggestions:

  1. Please add more lights! This is the voice not S.O.C.O.
  2. Improve on the camera shots please. Have the production team watch the US or the UK versions and learn from them.
  3. The walk to the holding area looks cheap with the faded grey paint and the door to the viewing area for the family looks terrible.
  4. The stage is too small and too dark
  5. The chairs are just plain ugly! A far cry from the original and makes the show look cheap. To those who keep on defending the show saying it’s about the voice and not the set, I have news for you. The show aside from the talent is known for those iconic chairs! Look at the photo above.
  6. Lessen the number of commercial gaps. It’s irritating to watch one contestant and go straight to a commercial
  7. Why is there no sound when the chair turns?  Turn up the volume guys!  Where is the “I WANT YOU” on the chairs?
  8. What’s up with the paper and pen on the judges’ tables?
  9. Lastly, please don’t make the show into a Soap Opera we already have a lot of those.

Spratly issue and the US-RP War Games

April 26, 2012 1 comment

US-RP War Games Photo by REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco
US-RP War Games Photo by REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco

US-RP War Games Photo by REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco

US-RP War Games Photo by REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco

US-RP War Games Photo by REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco

US-RP War Games Photo by REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco

US-RP War Games Photo by REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco

US-RP War Games Photo by REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco

US-RP War Games Photo by REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco

Disclaimer: I don’t really like talking about politics or anything that has to do with international relations or serious stuff like that cause 1. I get a huge headache after and 2. I came from a political family and 3. I hear politics everyday from my relatives so you could just imagine how many times I had to excuse myself whenever I hear my Lolo (RIP) and my other relatives start talking about it.  So why am I writing this?  I just want to express my thoughts on the ongoing issue with the Spratly group of islands and what my stand is about the matter.  Cause let’s face it… it’s really interesting to find out what is it really about and what others think of the big bad bully which is China! Hahaha!

Recently there was an incident where in the University of the Philippines website was hacked. Unapproved information on the China claim over Spratly was unknowingly uploaded to the website.  This resulted to the web administrators to take the website down for a day to regain control.  A few days after a number of Chinese websites were reportedly hacked and speculations have been going around that Filipino hackers are behind this as a means of getting back for what happened to the UP website.

U.S. and Philippine commandos yesterday waded ashore in a mock assault to retake a small island in the disputed waters with China.  This drill involving thousands of troops from both countries which according to Beijing would raise the risk of armed conflict.  The exercise is part of the annual US-RP war games on the southwestern island of Palawan.  So what’s the problem holding a drill like this in that part of Palawan?  Well this is very close to where the Spratly islands are.  Right now China has territorial disputes with the Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia and Taiwan across the South China Sea, each searching for gas and oil while building up their navies and military alliances.  China express their fear of confrontation last week if the drill will proceed.  On Wednesday, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Cui Tiankai said China was committed to dialogue and diplomacy to resolve the dispute.

Right now the Spratlys are claimed entirely by China, Taiwan and Vietnam and in part by Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippines.

China, which claims the South China Sea based on historical records to be entirely theirs.  Which means China is saying that all the islands and islets on that vast area are theirs.  The Philippine only has claims over a small part of that area which is closest to Palawan, clearly within the border of the country.  This is where it becomes tricky.  If the Philippines will not assert its rights over that area then what will stop China from claiming that the Philippines is part of its territory?  China is starting to really get on my nerves.  I wouldn’t blame the Philippine government for making sure that alliances with the US and other powerful nations is in place in case a war does happen (which I hope it doesn’t).

So what’s the fuss?  Why are so many countries trying to claim these islands?

The answer is HUGE OIL and GAS RESERVES.  You heard me right!

Here’s an article from Reuters regarding the drill

Proven and undiscovered oil reserve estimates in the South China Sea range as high as 213 billion barrels of oil, the U.S. Energy Information Administration said in a 2008 report. That would surpass every country’s proven oil reserves except Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, according to the BP Statistical Review

A Philippine exploration firm, Philex Petroleum Corp, said on Tuesday its unit, Forum Energy Plc, had found more natural gas than expected around Reed Bank, where Chinese navy vessels tried to ram one of Forum Energy’s survey ships last year.

The Philippines is due to open oil-and-gas exploration bids in Reed Bank on Friday.

Vietnam reasserted its claim to the Spratlys and the Paracel islands, known in Chinese as the Xisha islands, further west of Scarborough Shoal in what it calls the East Sea.

Self-ruled Taiwan, which China considers a renegade province, reiterated its claims over territories in the South China Sea and urged “countries concerned to exercise self-restraint so that peaceful resolutions can be reached through consultation”.

Jumping from rubber boats as they hit the shore, the commandos engaged in a mock firefight, making their way inch by inch from the beach to a navy facility to rescue “hostages” and recapture the base.

Four days ago, commando teams rappelled from U.S. helicopters and landed from rubber boats in a mock assault to retake an oil rig in the northern part of Palawan, 18 km (11 miles) off the town of El Nido on the South China Sea.

The annual war games come under the 1951 Mutual Defense Treaty, part of a web of security alliances the United States built-in the Asia-Pacific region during the Cold War.

The drills are a rehearsal of a mutual defense plan by the two allies to repel any aggression in the Philippines.

Hundreds of kilometers to the north, a Philippine coast guard ship patrols near Scarborough Shoal, a group of half-submerged rock formations 124 nautical miles west of the main Luzon island, where Chinese fishermen were accosted by Philippine officials three weeks ago, sparking the latest conflict between the two countries.

Manila officials say Chinese response on the Scarborough shoal issue was “based on inaccurate appreciation of the fact and dynamics of the negotiations.”

I do hope that this doesn’t result to an arms conflict with other Asian countries.  Definitely something that I wouldn’t want to experience.  Hopefully the United Nations come to a conclusion that would be favorable to everyone and the governments of all the nations concerned would come to an agreement regarding the matter soon.


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