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Katherine Ryan jokes on Filipino Children

June 19, 2013 5 comments

Katherine Ryan

Another one bites the dust!  I guess Filipinos are really getting popular around the world to be the topic of movies, books, and now jokes.  The most recent is courtesy of Canadian comedienne Katherine Ryan who’s based in the United Kingdom.

In a segment where participants were asked to say unlikely lines from a cosmetics commercial, Ryan said: “We don’t use any of our products on animals. We use Filipino children.” A 15-second clip featuring her quip has been uploaded on YouTube last June 13. It has received 14, 000 views so far. Watch a three-minute video of the “Mock the Week” segment through this website.

According to a write-up about Mock The Week,  the show requires guests to deliver answers on unexpected subjects on the spur of the moment. Ergo, Ryan’s joke about Filipino children is an unscripted one. Read more about her in this Wikipedia profile.

Responding to a query from The Filipino Scribe, Katherine Ryan said via Twitter (@Kathbum):  ”If you’d watched the whole show instead of reacting to a still shot out of context, you might feel that I was criticizing the EXPLOITATION of children. The joke is never, ever ON children. Watch the show.”

Source: Filipino Scribe

Jessica Sanchez in Glee and Youtube Space LA

May 21, 2013 1 comment

Jessica-Sanchez-on-Glee-01-580 Jessica Sanchez seems to be all over the news again… after her performance in Glee comes her Youtube Space performance where she sang 6 of her songs from her new album Me, You & the Music as part of the on-going promotion of the said album.



Right to Fall

More of her perfomance here.

Psy’s Gentleman and the myriad of videos that followed

April 27, 2013 Leave a comment

Psy Gentleman

So what’s up with Psy and why is he getting this much attention on social media particularly in Youtube?

The answer is simple… he’s funny, the video is entertaining, the beat is really good!  With all the tragedy that’s been happening around the world we all need a break and Psy definitely gives that perfect distraction.  There’s also alot of videos that try to capture the same formula and here are some of the videos that went viral following the release of his video.

My friend Rene posted this on his Youtube account and became an overnight hit with him dancing to the beat of Gentleman.  It also helps that he’s only wearing boxers! hahaha!

Korean dance group Waveya  also released a dance version of the song.

So what’s next for Psy? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see but at least now we can say he’s not just a One Hit Wonder.

Meanwhile here’s Psy performing Gentleman live at a recent concert.

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